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Handbook 10-39
April 2010

Chapter 5

Drawing Funds

The following procedures apply when drawing funds, unless modified by the disbursing officer.

Unit and Paying Agent

  • Unit determines equipment or service requirement.
  • Unit provides the original copy of paying agent appointment orders to the supporting financial management unit (signed by lieutenant colonel [0-5] or higher).
  • Unit provides the paying agent certificate of training (issued by the financial management unit).
  • Unit provides the original copy of paying agent Department of Defense (DD) Form 577, Appointment/Termination Record-Authorized Signature (signed by O-5 or higher).
  • Unit requesting goods or services provides a completed Department of the Army (DA) Form 3953, Purchase Request and Commitment (PR&C).
  • Paying agent will ensure the following four required signatures are obtained on DA Form 3953:
    • Initiating signature (PR&C, block 27)
    • Approving officer signature (PR&C, block 34):
      • O-6 (colonel) or above for purchases under $200,000
      • O-7 (brigadier general) for purchases over $200,000
    • Property book officer signature (PR&C, blocks 31, 32, and 33) and requisition number (PR&C, block 2) (Note: Not applicable for rewards or Iraqi quick response funding [QRF]; the requisition number block is completed by the G8 or C8 executing fund certification.)
    • Signature from resource manager (PR&C, blocks 19-22) and accounting classification data
  • Paying agent must possess a valid military identification card.
  • Drawing from the Commander's Emergency Response Fund (CERP). Every time a paying agent draws funds on a CERP contract, the paying agent provides the following:
    • Completed DA Form 3953
    • CERP contract and any modifications
    • Payment progress report
  • Drawing rewards funds. In addition to the above, the following documents are required to draw small or large rewards funds:
    • Reward payment memorandum signed by the unit's rewards authorization officer (RAO)
    • DA Form 3953 signed by the RAO in block 35
    • Staff judge advocate (SJA) legal review
    • Mission or story board describing details of operation
  • Bulk funding of micro rewards. In addition to the above, the following documents are required to draw micro reward funds:
    • Bulk fund request signed by the unit's RAO
    • DA Form 3953 signed by the RAO in block 35
  • Drawing QRF. In addition to the above, the following documents are required to draw QRF: (Note: No bulk funding allowed.)
    • DA Form 3953 signed in block 35 by an O-6
    • Letter of justification (LOJ), with endorsement by an O-6 if the LOJ is signed by a lower-ranking officer
    • SJA legal review
    • Independent government cost estimate or other documentation to substantiate the requested amount

Field Ordering Officer

The following documents are required to support the field ordering officer's (FOO) actions:

  • Copy of FOO appointment orders (signed by contracting command)
  • FOO's Certificate of Training (issued by contracting)
  • FOO DD Form 577 (signed by O-5 or higher)
  • FOO prepared spending plan for initial funding.

Financial Management Company

The following actions are required from the financial management company:

  • Paying agent attendance class memorandum
  • Provide funds and DD Form 1081, Statement of Agent Accountability

Required documents needed to make subsequent funds draw, except CERP

  • DA Form 3953 approved and signed by resource manager (blocks 19-22)
  • Valid military identification card

Note: Funds issued may be U.S. currency, foreign currency, or a combination of both. If the paying agent receives foreign currency, the disbursing officer will provide the exchange rate on DA Form 3953 and guidance on using the foreign currency.


Last Reviewed: May 18, 2012

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